CDM at Helsinki Airport

Finavia implemented Airport CDM (Collaborative Decision Making) to Helsinki Airport on October 2, 2012. Helsinki Airport is the seventh European and first Nordic airport to implement CDM.

What is CDM?

  • CDM is about partners at airport (airport operator, airlines, ground handling agents, air traffic control, European Air Traffic Flow Management) working together more efficiently and transparently to improve the information exchange in the turnaround and pre-departure sequencing processes of aircraft.
  • CDM enables more efficient and transparent information exchange, which leads to better and more precise planning, that enables more punctual operations.
  • CDM enables more efficient use of European airspace.
  • CDM will reduce costs, achieve lower emissions, improve punctuality, and build stronger partnerships to achieve more efficient operations at airports and better customer satisfaction. Read more about benefits of CDM.
  • CDM is a procedure by EUROCONTROL, and integral part of EUROCONTROL'S DMEAN (Dynamic Management of European Airspace Network) and SESAR (Single European Sky) programs that aim to improve the air traffic and airspace usage in Europe.




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