Finavia continues to promote Helsinki Airport internationally

2.5.12 at 09:47

This spring, many projects have been executed at the airport to make the Helsinki Airport name more familiar and to make the airport more well-known internationally. Buses in the airport's traffic areas have stickers that adhere to the Helsinki Airport look, and the signs in the airport area have been clarified and a more consistent look has been adopted. The Helsinki-Vantaa signs located on the air side of the airport terminal's runway area will be replaced by Helsinki Airport signs in May.

The airport is also making substantial investments to improve the air passenger experience at the airport. Staff training and service process development, among other things, are pivotal here. The fact that the security check queues have been shortened is a concrete example of the development work being performed.

"For Helsinki Airport to be successful in the future as well, it is important that international transit passengers are aware of the airport's smooth and cost-effective service when they select flight connections. We will continue marketing the airport in carefully considered ways with the goal of making the airport stand out from our competitors so that an increasing number of international transit passengers will change planes here when travelling between Europe and Asia. We want the airport's compact name, Helsinki Airport, to stick in the passengers' minds in a positive way, as Helsinki is internationally the most well-known city in Finland," says Kimmo Ruotsalainen, Director at Finavia.

At the moment, less than one-third of Helsinki Airport's passengers consist of transit passengers who change planes at the airport. Helsinki Airport has strengthened its position for many years now as the leading air traffic node in Northern Europe for traffic between Europe and Asia. Transit passengers improve Finns' flight connections throughout the world.

Last year, Helsinki Airport had about 15 million passengers.