Finavia develops Terminal 2 of Tampere-Pirkkala Airport

13.7.12 at 14:44

At this stage, the renovation will focus on the existing Terminal 2 instead of building a new terminal so that Terminal 2 and the entire airport can serve passengers and airlines faster as traffic volumes grow. The construction of an entirely new terminal building will be re-considered later.

Currently, two flights can be operated simultaneously from the terminal. The development of the terminal will increase the capacity to three simultaneous flights. The service level will continue to be based on low-cost flights where self-service is pivotal.

The terminal development will be launched with planning which is estimated to take about six months. After the planning, the parties will sign a funding contract and then the construction will be launched. According to the current schedule goals, the renovated terminal will be completed in late 2013 when winter schedules are adopted.

The cost estimate of the renovation is EUR 3.3 million. The financial contributors are the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the City and economic zone of Tampere, and Finavia. Each of them contribute a third.

In 2011, Finavia's Tampere-Pirkkala airport had 657,630 passengers.