Finavia introduces a new online service for drivers

13.12.12 at 09:38

Helsinki Airport has a lot of parking space right next to the terminals: an approximate total of 10,000 spots. Spots are always available. From now on, drivers may already select a suitable spot at home, based on price and availability.

Finavia's Ville Haapasaari, Director of Helsinki Airport says that availability information is useful for parking customers, especially during holiday seasons. However, he points out that availability always varies and may change rapidly during the morning and the peak hours in the afternoon.

"You can use your mobile device to check the latest spot availability status before arriving at the airport. You can also view the airport's entrance display screens, which indicate the precise number of spots available."

Parking spot availability status is shown in chart format on the Internet. Users can check whether there are available spots in the parking garage or area, or whether it is almost full.

In the parking system, the number of available spots is calculated based on the parking garages' entrance and exit points' detector data, and loop detectors installed on the ramps between storeys.

Providing spot availability data expands the interactive content on Finavia's website. Other expansions introduced this year include a search service for flights covering all of Finland, and a service which displays the queuing time of the security check at Helsinki Airport.

The services mentioned in the press release are available at

Parking spot availability at Helsinki Airport

Queuing time of security check at Helsinki Airport

Flight connection search

Helsinki Airport mobile site