Finavia makes it easier to look up Finnish flight connections online

25.9.12 at 08:00

The new search service makes its easier for customers to look up suitable schedules from their local airport to global destinations. The service more comprehensively includes provincial connections as you can look up both direct route flights and those with an intermediate landing.

"The new service makes it easier to find flights provided by various airlines. In the service, it is easy to check which airline operates which route. As part of its online service development, Finavia wants to provide good access to flights available in Finland, thus making for easier travel by air. Changes to routes happen more quickly than before, so it's important to have up-to-date route traffic selection information in one place," says Mikko Saariaho, Communications Director at Finavia.

The service shows flights connections visually on a map and as a timetable.

In addition to developing its website, Finavia contributes to ensuring that airport information is easily accessible with mobile devices. In June, Finavia published an Apple app version of the Helsinki Airport online service. A corresponding app is now available for Android phones. The apps may be downloaded free of charge from the AppStore and Google Play.