Finavia offers more sensations for passenger at Helsinki Airport

16.2.12 at 08:26

We are talking about Finavia’s unique Art Port gallery concept: no other airport in the world has been dedicated to art and design to the same extent as Helsinki Airport.

“In order to maintain our position as Northern Europe’s number one airport for long-haul flights and a popular transfer airport, we are strengthening the identity of Helsinki Airport with the aim of distinguishing ourselves among other airports. The Art Port concept is a step towards a new airport milieu concept,” explains Kimmo Ruotsalainen, Finavia’s Senior Vice President of customer relations and marketing.

According to Mr Ruotsalainen, art galleries enhance the travelling experience. They contribute to a pleasant atmosphere and offer sensations and a chance to relax for a while. The Art Port galleries were inspired by the WDC year and the wishes expressed in the online community created in the Quality Hunters project. Art Port Gallery is a WDC 2012 conceptual project and part of the WDC 2012 programme.

“The Art Port evolves and changes according to current events and the passengers’ needs. The main exhibitions are structured in a manner that would enable passenger participation. It’s a way to engage them in activities and offer a chance to relieve travelling stress,” says designer Anna Forsman from Huippu Concept, responsible for the planning and building of the exhibitions.

To make the galleries as inviting as possible, they are not made too fancy and elegant. The exhibitions are designed to serve the passengers, and the choices are always based on art itself and an innovative exhibition idea.

Sit down and cover your ears in the design exhibition

Forsman picks out the first exhibition in the design gallery, Sit down and seize the moment, as a good example of creativity and innovative thinking. She selected 15 chairs by Finnish designers for the first Art Port exhibition.

The chairs are not there only as exhibits: visitors are encouraged to sit down and enjoy a unique moment of Finnish design and restfulness. Those who wish may mute the noise of the airport by borrowing a pair of hearing protectors that are on offer in the gallery.

The chairs in the exhibition give a varied view of Finnish furniture design, created by both well-known and up-and-coming names.

The exhibitors are Heikki Ruoho, Milla Vaahtera, Ilkka Suppanen, Pasi Kolhonen, Kasper Tammela, Jukka Setälä, Mikko Paakkanen, Ilari Airikkala, Yuki Abe, Kai van der Puij, Timo Ripatti, Ari Korolainen, Harri Koskinen, Jouko Järvisalo and Tuula Vitie.

Located at gate 11, the Design Gallery is open to all passengers. The other galleries will be opened in spring.

In March, the Art Gallery at Gates 16-17 will show Vantaa Art Museum’s exhibition 6 Scenes of Beauty. The Photo Gallery at Gate 26 and Fashion Gallery at Gates 16–17 will open at about the same time. The names of the exhibitors will be announced at a later date.

The last to open, in July, is the second Art Gallery, which is located in the long-haul flights area and will be dedicated to contemporary Finnish art.

The galleries may be relocated or even move in the airport. All galleries are free of charge.