Finavia opens wireless network free of charge at Helsinki-Vantaa

25.11.08 at 11:46

The wireless connection is available in the waiting areas and in the customer facilities in the cafes and restaurants. In practice the signal from base stations carries almost everywhere in the international and domestic terminals.

The network is easy to use. If a computer is in the wireless area at Helsinki-Vantaa, information about the airport?s Internet connection is shown automatically on its screen. The connection appears under the heading "Free wireless internet".

Juha-Pekka Pystynen, the airport director, says that Finavia?s wireless network connection brings something extra to Finavia?s passenger services. ?Many people want deal with their business matters using their own laptops while waiting for their flight. Now it?s easy, because now you don?t need separate passwords in order to sign on.?

If you do not have your laptop with you, you can access the Internet from the Internet kiosks for a fee. There are also six computers equipped with Internet connections at the eService Bar, which is situated near Gate 19. There is a fee for these as well. You can also use the Skype telephone software at the Internet kiosks.