Finavia to develop operations and simplify the management system

12.3.12 at 14:59

The following Finavia Group service structure will be used starting from 19 March:

SVP, CFO Kirsti Lehtovaara-Kolu will be responsible for finances, purchases and IT. Lehtovaara-Kolu has held the position of CFO at Finavia since 2008.

Director Juha-Pekka Pystynen will be responsible for risk management, security, quality and state aviation. Pystynen will also be responsible for practical cooperation with the authorities. Pystynen will lead an internal survey with the aim of developing company security and risk management operations. He will also continue in his position as the director of Helsinki Airport until a new director is appointed.

Business Director Henri Hansson will assume responsibility for technical and environmental matters. The field of operations will be detailed during a survey carried out under Hansson. Henri Hansson will also continue in his position as the airport business director.

The heads of Group services will be members of the Finavia Executive Group.

Starting from 19 March, Finavia's headquarter operations include HR, communications, legal matters and marketing.

VP Kaarina Soikkanen (HR Management) and VP Petteri Nissilä (Legal Services) have been appointed to the Executive Group as the representatives of headquarter operations, starting from 19 March. SVP Kimmo Ruotsalainen (Marketing and Airline Relations) and Communications Director Mikko Saariaho will continue as members of the Executive Group.

Ari Haapanen, who previously held the position of deputy CEO at Finavia, will continue as the CEO of Airpro.

All members of the Executive Group report to the CEO.

"We aim at creating a simple operational structure for Group services and headquarter operations, facilitating effective support to all of Finavia in cost-efficient customer service. This can only be done if responsibilities and duties in the various functions are clearly defined. At the same time, we ensure that the Group services and headquarter operations are closely tied to our business objectives. This way, we can be sure that resources are efficiently directed to benefit air carriers and passengers," says CEO Kari Savolainen.