Finavia to introduce a new viewing terrace to mark the 60th anniversary of Helsinki Airport

27.3.12 at 17:36

"We at Finavia are very happy that we finally found a new, suitable place for the viewing terrace at Helsinki Airport. It has turned out to be an important service for all aviation enthusiasts, travellers and families who can once again marvel at aeroplanes," says Juha-Pekka Pystynen, Airport Director.

The construction will be launched by the start of April and will take a few months. The terrace will be introduced to the public in the first week of June.

The viewing level is located at Lentäjäntie 1 C, on the roof of the activity centre. The building is right next to Terminal 2. The roof terrace is free to enter.

This is the 60th anniversary of Helsinki Airport. The airport was opened in 1952 for the Olympic Games. The anniversary will be celebrated at the airport in a variety of ways.

In the early years, the local residents would ride their bicycles to the airport and watch the planes all the way to the parking spots, as there were no safety fences at that time. However, stricter international safety regulations and massive construction have decreased the viewing opportunities since the mid-1970s.

As a result of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe in 1971, security checks were introduced and limitations were imposed on gate area access. However, the Fly Inn restaurant was an optimal location for aeroplane viewing, and the restaurant was a popular place for Mother's Day lunch for many decades.

Opened in 1969, the Fly Inn was also available for those waiting for and escorting people at the airport until August 2009 when it was closed due to the renovation of Terminal 2. After that, Finavia has been actively looking for a new plane-spotting venue for aviation enthusiasts.

For more information about the new viewing terrace and the 60th anniversary, please visit www.helsinki-vantaa.fi and www.facebook.com/lentoasema.