Finavia to reorganise operations

9.5.12 at 13:50

As part of the operations update, Finavia will launch negotiations concerning clerical employees mainly in the capital region. Based on a current estimate by Finavia, this measure concerns some 40 people, who may either be dismissed or undergo a change of employment status based on grounds for dismissal. The final impact on staff will be known once the negotiations have concluded.

"The operating environment for air traffic has been undergoing an extensive transition for some time now. Passengers expect airlines to provide moderate ticket prices, which means that the entire service chain in air traffic must continuously ensure that it is effective. Therefore, our financial latitude will be narrow in the next few years. Finavia wants to contribute to ensuring that air traffic in Finland is profitable and that Finns have optimal, comprehensive global connections," says Kari Savolainen, CEO of Finavia.

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