Finavia's new runway reporting system eases air traffic in winter

1.3.12 at 13:39

The new system forwards runway conditions information in real time and in fixed format to air traffic control and all the way to the aircraft crew. In this way, Finavia improves the preconditions for smooth air traffic in different weather conditions in Finland.

The system, called Runway Reporter, has been introduced during this winter period at almost all airports maintained by Finavia.

"The system is tailored for Finnish airports, and, with its new features, is the first of its kind in the whole world," says Heikki Heinijoki, Traffic Area Services Manager at Finavia.

Runway Reporter forwards information about the material (e.g. snow and ice) on the runway surface, and about the level of friction. Based on the information, the pilot can take off and land optimally, in a safe and smooth way.

"The advantage of the new system is that information reporting is faster than before, and the quality is consistent at all airports. This system makes the job of the aircraft crew in the cockpit easier," says Mr Heinijoki.

The recently introduced Runway Reporter system is used by 24 airports, and the introduction has made Finavia's snow-how even better. The system is expected to be introduced at Helsinki Airport along with other system upgrades during winter season 2013-2014.

For further information, please contact: Heikki Heinijoki, Traffic Area Services Manager, Finavia