Helsinki Airport traffic area renovation is progressing rapidly

19.6.12 at 08:20

The renovation in the Helsinki Airport traffic areas commenced in mid-April and will continue into the autumn. The investment includes the re-paving of Runway 3, and modifications in the area of Runway 2. In addition, more than 1,000 lights and related cables will be replaced in the traffic area. The total value of the investment is about 15 million euros.

"The new production model has shown its strengths in a critical environment such as an airport where the rapid progress of work is pivotal. Therefore, the closure time of Helsinki Airport's Runway 3 will be about 30% shorter than with the traditional pro-duction model," says Henri Hansson, Director at Finavia.

The renovation affects the use of Helsinki Airport's runways as some runways are closed during the summer months. This will cause slight delays to arriving European flights in the afternoons until the end of June/start of July. In most cases, the planes have delayed their departure at the departure airport, which means that airlines have not been subject to any additional consumption of fuel due to the renovation at Helsinki Airport.

In addition, the temporary changes in the use of the runways cause aircraft noise in some exceptional areas. When Runway 3 has been closed, there has been more fre-quent aircraft noise along the landing course of the more southerly Runway 1 in the direction of Espoo, Kauniainen and Western Vantaa. Runway 3 will be re-introduced gradually starting from 25 June, and during easterly winds, aircraft noise of des-cending airplanes will again be heard along the course of Runway 3 in Vantaa and Espoo.

Runway 2 will be closed because of taxiway renovation during 16 July and 24 Sep-tember. Therefore, during westerly and southwesterly winds, there will be more air-craft noise in the Kerava direction and less in the Nurmijärvi direction.