More art and design sensations for Helsinki Airport's passengers

7.5.12 at 16:21

Fashion Gallery opens with a spotlight on Paola Suhonen's fashion company, Ivana Helsinki, which provides sophisticated feminine clothing with designs focused on original patterns and Fenno-Slavic style.

The Ivana Helsinki brand appears in international fashion magazines on a regular basis and several celebrities are fans of the brand.

Photo Gallery features photos by photographer Katja Hagelstam, with Helsinki, the Design Capital, as the theme. In addition to Helsinki, other favourite themes of Hagelstam's are design and interior decoration. Her production comprises dozens of photobooks and her photos have been published in several magazines.

Design Gallery and Art Gallery were opened previously at Helsinki Airport this year. Design Gallery exhibits Finnish furniture design. Art Gallery is currently displaying the Six Scenes of Beauty installation of Vantaa Art Museum.

The galleries are part of Finavia Art Port , a concept that is unique in the world. No other airport in the world is dedicated to art and design to the same extent as Helsinki Airport.

The goal of Art Port galleries is to improve the travel experience. They contribute to a pleasant atmosphere and offer memorable experiences and a chance to relax for a while. The Art Port evolves and changes according to current events and the passengers’ needs.

The main exhibitions are structured in a manner that would enable passenger participation. This enables active art experiences and uses various art forms to decreases the stress of travel.

At Fashion Gallery, everyone can try walking on a catwalk. Photo Gallery's photo contest invites passengers to take photos of the airport and their journey.

To make the galleries as inviting as possible, they are not made too fancy and elegant. The exhibitions are designed to serve the passengers, and the choices are always based on art itself and an innovative exhibition idea.

Design Gallery is located at Gate 11, Art Gallery at gate area 16–17, Photo Gallery above gate 26 and Fashion Gallery at Gate 31. In July, yet another gallery will open: it will showcase modern Finnish art.

All galleries are free to enter by passengers and they are open 24/7.

The Art Port galleries were inspired by the WDC year and the wishes expressed in the online community created in the Quality Hunters project. The Art Port concept is a WDC 2012 conceptual project and part of the WDC 2012 programme.