Passenger checklist: Christmas food in the hold, ski wax and fireworks at home

17.12.08 at 23:19

Transporting equipment for skiing by plane, such as ski wax, ski wax removers and lock antifreeze, is for the most part not allowed. Banned substances include those that burn easily, as well as inflammable and corrosive or poisonous substances. These kinds of substances can be identified, for example, by the skull and flame symbols on the packaging.
Fireworks cannot be transported by plane at all, not even in luggage going in the hold.


Security check 

Find out more: 
The right way to pack: www.finavia.fi/therightwaytopack
At the airport: www.finavia.fi/attheairport
Finland's airports: www.finavia.fi/airports
Carriage of liquids: www.civilaviationauthority.fi/Carriage_of_liquids
List of FAQs about substances and articles: www.civilaviationauthority.fi/substances_and_articles
Passengers can check-in online in advance, and at the airport in the usual way at the check-in desk or as far as possible using the self-service check-in kiosks. Passengers can also use the check-in kiosks if they have suitcases, backpacks or skis going into the hold.
The check-in time and other carriage conditions vary by airline. Always check this information from your own airline or travel agent. Passengers must check-in by the minimum time stated by the airline they are flying with.

The security check can be speeded up if liquids and sharp objects are packed at home into luggage going into the hold.
If liquid products are a maximum of 100 ml in size, they can be carried on board in a transparent, resealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of one litre.
Passengers can have with them one such bag containing a reasonable amount of small packages. The bag should be placed on the conveyor at the security check to be X-rayed, along with overcoats, computers (removed from the case) and large electronic devices.