Season card concept for general aviators to be reformed at airports

28.11.12 at 16:04

The changes to the season card concept will be implemented during 2013. Customers will be informed well in advance of the changes taking effect.

As the season card concept will be reformed next year, the season card covering the entire year 2013 will not be available. Instead, Finavia will offer a six-month season card for its general aviation customers next year with a price excluding tax of half that of the season card for 2012. Finavia will strive to minimize the impact of the temporary change on customers and will additionally offer season cards for one, two and three months for the same price excluding tax as in 2012. The final price will depend on the value added tax rate.

The season cards for 2013 will go on sale immediately, and their period of validity will start on January 1, 2013 at the earliest and end on June 30, 2013 at the latest. For additional information on the season card prices, please contact airtrafficinvoices@finavia.fi.

A clearer season card concept

Season card pricing has been designed to support private and amateur aviation, covering access to the basic infrastructure of the airport, the runway and the airport area, as well as service fees related to using the airport. Finavia's goal is to enable general aviation, now and in the future, and to invest in developing corporate aviation services.