The names of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport?s terminals will change next year

8.10.08 at 11:26

Starting from autumn 2009, passengers will depart from and arrive at the terminal at which the airline they travel with operates. Under the new system, the easiest way to determine which terminal you will use is to check your ticket. The terminal you will depart from and arrive at can also be checked from Finavia's Web service at www.helsinki-vantaa.fi.
The division of terminals by airline is a common practice around the world. Airport Director Juha-Pekka Pystynen says adopting the international convention will clarify the situation at Helsinki-Vantaa.
"The reform will make it easier for passengers to move around at the airport," Pystynen says. Finavia will redesign its whole system for guiding passengers inside the terminals and on the vehicle lanes leading to the airport.
Next year will be a good time for Helsinki-Vantaa to adopt the international convention as the expansion of the international terminal and the new baggage handling centre will also come into use next year. The integration of the new spaces and systems into the present terminal building will require large-scale changes that may last as long as two years.
"By changing the division between the terminals to match the airline used, we will be able to make the use of the terminals during the change work more efficient," Pystynen says.
Finavia started the work to expand Helsinki-Vantaa's international terminal in autumn 2006. The construction work will be completed in stages starting from autumn 2009. The cost estimate of the total project is EUR 143 million. The investment is the biggest in Finavia's history.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is part of Finavia's network of 25 airports. The airport was opened 56 years ago in 1952. The present terminal building was completed in 1969. The terminal was first expanded in 1983. It served all passengers until 1993 when a separate terminal for domestic passengers was opened. Since then, the international terminal has been expanded three times, in 1996, 1999 and 2004. In 2009, additional areas to serve long-distance flights will be opened.