The restrictions on liquids for transit passengers restored

22.3.12 at 15:38

In practice, the trial concerned passengers arriving from outside the EU and continuing on other flights from the Helsinki Airport.

Starting from Saturday 24 March, the same restrictions that are applied to departing passengers in all EU countries will also be restored for the security checks of transit passengers.

Packing instructions for transit passengers arriving from outside the EU

Before arriving at the airport, all liquids and sharp objects must be packed into the luggage to be checked in.

At tax-free shops in airports outside the EU, do not purchase any liquid products packed in containers of more than 100 millilitres, such as alcohol, cosmetics or canned food. These cannot be taken through the security check in hand luggage even if securely packed, even though the salespersons at airports outside the EU may state that you can.

Planned changes to restrictions concerning liquids within the EU

The European Union plans to alleviate the restrictions on carrying liquids in the hand luggage. The new rules are likely to apply starting from the end of April 2013.

The Finnish airport operator Finavia closely monitors developments related to this issue. The six-month trial period proved that Finavia is fully prepared to adopt the new procedures in a year's time from now.