The winter air traffic season is starting. Passenger volumes of charter flights at Finavia airports in Lapland are expected to be close to last year’s level.

8.11.12 at 09:36

The estimate is based on preliminary information and the actual number of flights may still change. According to the estimate from October, the number of charter flights to Lapland will decrease by approximately 10 percent compared to the same period last year. Finavia estimates that the actual number of charter flights will rise close to last year’s level, as the flights are confirmed on an increasingly shorter time frame.

”The number of international passengers is a significant factor in the success of the winter season, and most of them travel to Lapland by air. It is possible that the uncertainty in the global economy is manifesting in the number of booked charter flights”, says Finavia Director Joni Sundelin.

Winter charter flights to Lapland will begin operating in November. It is predicted that the UK will remain the most important outbound market where the majority of the charter flights depart from. Most charter flights go into Rovaniemi, but Ivalo, Enontekiö and Kittilä are also popular destinations during the season.

Finavia’s Lapland Airports in partnership with Levi World Cup

In cooperation with the other local tourism entrepreneurs, Finavia aims to develop preconditions for air traffic in Northern Finland and support making Lapland well-known in the international market. This is the third year Finavia’s Lapland Airports is the principal partner of the World Cup in Levi. Lapland Airports comprise Ivalo, Rovaniemi, Enontekiö, Kuusamo, and Kemi-Tornio.

”It is great to participate in such a winter sports event with an international profile. Our aim is to promote the visibility of Lapland Airports both in Finland and abroad and to do our part in promoting Lapland and increasing passenger volumes. Lapland can be easily reached by flying in just a few hours from all around Europe, and tourist and travel destinations are located near the airports. This means that Lapland's accessibility from abroad is good,” says Joni Sundelin.

The snow expertise of Lapland airports is top notch and on par with the organisers of the Alpine Ski World Cup, with the exception that instead of snowmaking the focus is on keeping air traffic running even in winter with excellent winter maintenance.

Nature is the most important element of Lapland's appeal and Finavia wants to contribute to taking care of the environment in Lapland. In February 2012, Finavia’s Ivalo, Enontekiö, Kittilä, Rovaniemi, Kuusamo and Kemi airports were granted an environmental certificate by the Airports Council International for their commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

Finavia warmly welcomes the Levi World Cup athletes, the spectators, and media representatives to Kittilä airport and other airports in Northern Finland.