Traffic area renovation to be completed at Helsinki Airport

2.10.12 at 11:24

Runway 3 and the taxiway of Runway 2 have been worked on during the summer. Runway 3 has been fully re-paved, and the taxiway of Runway 2 was renovated, mainly due to the replacement of lighting systems.

Runway 3 was opened at the start of July. Runway 2, which was closed at the end of summer, will be opened on 8 August. Due to the closure of Runway 2, during westerly and south-westerly winds, there has been more aircraft noise in the Kerava direction and less in the Nurmijärvi direction.

The renovation commenced in mid-April. In addition to asphalting, more than 1,000 lights and related cables have been replaced. The total value of the investment is about 17 million euros.