Train connection to Helsinki Airport to be completed in summer 2015

6.9.12 at 13:09

The Finnish Transport Agency, responsible for the line construction, has announced adjustments to the construction schedule. These are due to the extra work caused by the airplane de-icing (glycol) disintegration products found in the bedrock of Helsinki Airport. It has been estimated that glycol disintegration products shorten the life of construction material, which means that tunnel structures must use material which is more durable than usual. The solution: an airtight double tunnel built inside the rock tunnel, for a stretch of about 1,000 m. Similar insulation structures will also be built in the station facilities, vertical shafts and pedestrian walkways. The smell caused by the disintegration products will be eliminated by creating a vacuum in the space between the rock and insulation structure.

Propylene glycol is used throughout the world in cold conditions at all airports, including Helsinki Airport, for airplane de-icing. With it, airlines ensure flight safety in demanding winter conditions. Propylene glycol is a commonly used chemical used in the food industry in addition to air traffic. It is not hazardous to people or organisms and is not a harmful substance. However, glycol does consume oxygen in watercourses and may cause an odour.

Finavia continuously monitors the environmental impact of its airport operations according to the programme approved by the authorities and tries to do its part in minimising it. Example means for this have been several environmental investments and development of operating methods in partnership with companies performing airplane de-icing. As a result of the measures, the amount of load conveyed with catchment to watercourses has rapidly declined.

Once the work on the rail line has been completed, city trains will run every ten minutes during peak hours. The time of travel from the airport to Helsinki city centre is about 30 minutes, and about eight minutes to Tikkurila. Once the track has been completed, it will be much easier for passengers to combine their air and railway travels.

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